Buttercup Bakery and Bistro


Quick fact: We associate bistros with the French, but the word actually comes from the Russian word быстро, which means “quickly” and is roughly pronounced as buistra. When the Russians occupied Paris in 1815 following the Napoleonic Wars, they sat in French cafés and shouted “buistra! buistra!” to the waiters, and thus bistros were born.

[My Russian professor once promised me that my education would one day pay off when I could sound snooty and spout off random information about 19th century Russian society at cocktail parties. And, by golly, he was right!]

Also note that what I have just told you is apparently debated by linguists. Subsequently, note that most of what I say is debated by linguists.

DSCN0622So, the Buttercup Bistro and Bakery. Located between Wells Fargo and 1st Street Plumbing on well, 1st street, this relatively new establishment is delightful.





I wandered in at about 10:30 on a grey day and ordered a bagel (toasted, with veggie cream cheese) and a latté. Also for sale were scones (poppy seed lemon, cranberry orange, and maple bacon), sticky buns, cookies, lemon bars, and brownies. At 11 am every day they put out their artisanal breads and lunch items. When I was there, they were preparing roasted red pepper soup, sourdough bread, and various sandwiches. I’ve heard great things about the roasted veggie and mozzarella sandwich.

DSCN0608The bagels, however, are what really excite me. I don’t know of any other bagel shops in Idaho Falls, and the bagels at the grocery store simply don’t compare to the flavor and texture of a freshly made bagel.DSCN0606

Buttercup’s hours (see below) are impressive for a bakery, so there’s no reason not to pop in for breakfast, lunch, or a mid afternoon nosh.


The info:
Buttercup Bakery and Bistro
335 1st Street,83401

Tuesday - Friday: 7 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 7 am - 3 pm

January 17: Tap Takeover at Vino Rosso


This just in from Vino Rosso:

Local band, local beers, no cover, downtown- I like the way you think, Vino!

                Tap Takeover:
Snake River Brewing

We are relinquishing our tap handles to the guys from Snake River Brewing! Come sample 8 different beers-only $3 a pint until the kegs run dry!

Live music from local favorite Happyville starting at 9. As always, no cover!

Save the Date! Friday January 17 at 7pm

– A –

Idaho Yoga Coop





     What can I say about the Idaho Yoga Coop? It’s YOGA, and it’s DOWNTOWN!


     The Coop is somewhat hard to find (I wandered around the building and considered entering a random exterior elevator in my search), but once you’ve found it, you will be pleased. Daysha Hampton has taken what must have been a pretty austere space and turned it into a colorful and versatile studio. What exists now is a full schedule of yoga, dance, tai chi, and art classes at reasonable prices. The Coop is also starting to sell handmade items (scarves, earrings, art, etc) from local artists.

     My dad has always joked that while downtown has changed drastically in his lifetime (this will reveal my youth, but I can’t imagine shopping at the Bon Marche and JC Penny’s downtown!), the bars have remained constant. This continuity is not a bad thing, but I’m glad to see downtown IF becoming more diverse. Let’s make downtown a center of activity (and yoga!) in the city, not just a center of alcohol.

The Idaho Yoga Coop

504 Shoup Ave., Idaho Falls 83402

(208) 716-8321


Business in IF


I don’t know when it was that I stumbled upon Paul Menser’s website http://www.bizmojoidaho.com/ – maybe a year ago? Paul writes about all business, from the distant rumblings of Costco to new shops downtown, and he obviously has some key connections in the city. It’s a key site to check out if you want to thrill your friends with your prescient knowledge of local enterprise.