The Paisley Camel


I must admit that the name… made me less inclined to like it. I’m not a fan of paisley anything, and I’m rather neutral on camels. But I love downtown, and I like cute little shops, so I was excited when to see it was finally open.

Nestled between the leather shop and the Celt, The Paisley Camel sells handmade hats, necklaces, purses and assorted knickknacks. The minute I walked in, it felt like I should have been in Missoula or down a side street in a lesser neighborhood of Boston. Could it be that Idaho Falls is catching up with the world?

To my delight, the shop sells a number of knitted and crocheted hats that I would be proud to wear, and as I selected an upcycled tee-shirt necklace for my sister’s birthday, my dilemma centered not on if my sister would like them, but which one my sister would like the most. I ultimately landed on a muted pastel necklace with chunky yet lacy brass beads. To the maker of said necklace: well done.

The shop’s selection of purses and multi-functional sachets would no doubt please a purse person. I am not a purse person, but even I was intrigued with a Japanese-fabric purse with shiny black handles. (Intrigued = “Ooo, shiny! Pretty fabric! Oh wait, I don’t like purses.”)

The staff was super friendly, they played modern “cultural” music (cue the drums and pan flute), and I felt comfortable just browsing.

Overall, handmade, nice gifts that are distinct from the mall. I’m over the name, and I dig the shop.

310 Park Avenue


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